paid to login

How can i make money with Paidtologin ?

Just login daily and refer other people and you'll see your earnings growing.

When will i get paid ?

You will get paid when you will reach the minimum requested that is 0.01$ for Perfect Money, 1$ for Payza, 1$ for SolidTrustPay.

How can i increase my earnings in Paidtologin ?

Through referrals you can increase your earnings, but those who find hard to make referrals and don't have time for it can buy upgrades.

Is Paidtologin a fast way to make money ?

Not at all, every paid program offers the possibility to make fast money along with the possibility to lose the money you invested. Free to join programs like Paidtologin, paid to click and similar sites are instead a slow but steady way to make money without risk.

In which way Paidtologin is a free advertising system ?

In your control panel you have the possibility to set a banner that will be shown to another member every time you login, you don't spend a cent and just by your logins you earn money.

Can i have multiple accounts ?

No, you can't have multiple accounts. All your activity is tracked and monitored, everyone caught in cheating will have its accounts deleted, banned and all earnings will be forfeited. Who, after this action, will go in proclaiming Paidtologin a scam will be prosecuted legally.

I want to advertise with Paidtologin, how can i do it ?

See advertising page for more details.

I have questions that have not been replied here...

Contact Us and we will be happy to help you.

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