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PaidtoLogin's use rules

You are allowed to create only one account for yourself. You can login as many times you want but you get paid only once per day.

You can promote Paidtologin in every way you want but not through spamming, who will do this will have first a warning and, if persists in a such bad behaviour, will have its account banned, deleted and all earnings will be forfeited. Same punishment will apply to who creates more accounts for fraudulent goals. Who, after this action, will go proclaiming everywhere that Paidtologin is a scam will be prosecuted legally.

You are allowed to place your banner and get it shown to other members but you shouldn't advertise any adult site or program through this system, also websites promoting racial hate, violence and that contain popups, noisy videos, viruses or trojans or that contain software or code aimed to harm in any way the computer that will load it. Same restrictions apply to the website which you will buy visits for.

Paidtologin is not to be held responsible for the content that its members will display, anyone who wants to complain can get in touch with us through the contact module. Paidtologin is not supporting in any way the programs and the websites advertised by its members so if you choose to join them then you will be the only one held responsible for this and by using Paidtologin you agree with this rule. Every controversy will be between you and the program you joined regardless if it has been advertised in Paidtologin or not.

By using Paidtologin you accept and agree that all the payments made to you will be made exclusively through Payza, Paypal or LibertyReserve and that will not be made through checks or wire transfers.

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